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Is your data important to you? Guess what… Hard drives are statistically the first piece of hardware to fail on a computer as they are used the most! So ask yourself.. how often do you back up, and if that data disappeared tomorrow, how bad would it be to lose it? Not the most comforting thing to think about, but it’s better to be prepared than to be feeling big regret!

Backing up your data is done in many ways, and depending on what you are doing on the computer or phone, will vary depending on your needs.

I specialize in data backup, migrations, and anything digital. If you need help, let me know so we can get you covered from any unnecessary accidents in 2019 and into the future!


  • Frank B says:

    My Western Digital Cloud Back Up drive notices the second a new file shows up on my C drive and copies it. Well worth the $100 or so I spent. It has 3 TB of space.

    Invest in one for peace of mind.

  • Harinder S says:

    I have been using Apple Airport Time Capsule for last few years. Works seamless.

  • Sona K says:

    I had Western Digital but it hardly worked. Now, I don’t back up. My only loss would be pictures and iTunes. Is Cloud enough for those two?
    I use USB drives to save other files that are not so important.

  • Apple Repair Tech says:

    >> Hi Sona. Try to back them up if possible. Photos are not replaceable, and music is the best. At least once a year or so at minimum. You can find the photos master folder hidden in the actual photos application (right click, show package contents) and right click on itunes music to view location “show in finder” (switch to list view so that you get the entire music library catalog folder.) hard drives are dirt cheap these days, so might as well get backed up. “cloud” storage is monthly. @sonak

  • Shawn D says:

    I use BackBlaze.com, which backs up to the cloud. They’ve already saved my tush once 🙂

  • Apple Repair Tech says:

    >> Hi Shawn! wow good thing for them then! just keep in mind for the price of backing up for 2 years there you could buy a hard drive that lasts you 20+ years, but i can see the connivence factor and if you don’t have anything too confidential on the computer – just hopefully there stay in business for the long run. some of these guys above use time capsule, which is a wireless backup for when you are at home. That might be the next best option. @shawnd

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