Did you know a simple restart/shutdown to your computer can make all the difference?!

Try to shut your computer down at LEAST once a week, if not daily!

Some people might think this post is crazy, but I have encountered countless people over my time to only find they NEVER shut their computer off! While some of you may fall somewhere between I encourage you to give your technology a rest.

Not only will your room be less of EMF for a short amount of time but your computer will surely thank you for it! Just like humans rest, our devices must too.

The real reason for this is because background tasks run without us knowing, small things and they accumulate over time. This means your device/computer will be running on overdrive for no reason trying to manage everything at once.

Doing this simple task of restarting your computer or shutting it down 10 seconds+ will allow your computer to last a longer and happier life. Plus it will naturally make your life more organized because of it. Its good to keep folders of bookmarks or save your documents. But its also nice to be using a computer at its maximum potential now that your background task spam has been reset.

In serious creative sessions, I always restart my computer before getting into it.

Hope this enriches your life, feel free to pass this tip along to friends loved ones and co-workers!

We ALL need a vacation sometimes!


Your friendly eco-tech support neighbor, ♥



  • Dee W says:

    Michael, thank you for the PSA. Our IT guy at work has frequently suggested the same thing, do a shut down every week or so. It is also the first suggestion he makes when people go to him with “common” issues.

  • Sona K says:

    I do this for my laptop and iPhone too. I think everything including our brain needs to be shut down each week if not each day ?

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